New Puppy Class for June

A new class for puppies starts on Saturday 4th June at 1:00 pm.  If you are interested in participating please come along to the club  from 12:15 pm to sign up and be shown around.


MODC encourages owners to bring their pups along as soon as they have had their second vaccination.  In puppy class your pup will develop its socialisation with other pups and with humans.  Handlers will get an introduction to the basics of obedience training.

Classes last approximately 45 minutes, leading to promotion after 4 weeks to Advanced Puppies where lessons include walking on a lead, “sit” and most important, coming when called.  Puppy classes are low key and a lot of fun, so don’t put it off. Puppy classes are available to puppies under 5 months old at time of enrolment.


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