About Us

Mornington Obedience Dog Club has been conducting dog obedience classes on the Mornington Peninsula for over 30 years and are affiliated with the Victorian Canine Association. Inc. No.AOO11853L

We meet most Saturday morning in the grounds of the George Vowell Centre, Cobb Road, Mt Eliza (Melways 105 C8). Training is not held on Easter Saturday, some long-weekends, the summer holiday period and on “club fun days”. All members will be advised of alterations to training by email and announcements on our Facebook page.

Our club caters for all levels of obedience, from puppy class to trialling. Our members come from all over the Mornington Peninsula and beyond. All ages of dogs are welcome provided they are fully vaccinated – puppies must have had two injections.

Why Obedience?

A short session of training each day has these advantages:

  • It gives your dog something to think about.
  • Your dog has all your attention as an individual at this time.
  • It strengthens the bond between you and your dog.
  • The dog, as a pack animal, needs a leader; and positive training methods are a kind way of fulfilling this need.
  • Training may help to stop unwanted behaviours such as digging, barking or pulling the washing off the line.