Puppies and Puppy Training

Choosing a pup.

Responsible dog ownership starts before you buy a pup.  Do your homework – think about the time you have to spend with the dog, initial and on-going costs, exercise needs and potential health issues.  Dogs Victoria www.vca.org.au is a good source of advice on choosing the right breed for your circumstances.

Puppy development

It’s always better to avoid problem behavior than to try to correct it in an adult dog, so it’s important to get your pup off to the right start.

The character of a dog is formed between about three and sixteen weeks of age. This period of imprinting and socialization will bring out the best (or if not done properly, the worst) in the dog. Socialisation with people is important from as early as 3 weeks.  From 7 – 12 weeks human-dog relationships, attitudes to people and acceptance of direction are developed in the pup. A puppy that hasn’t received socialisation, learnt respect for members of its own species and accepted that its owner is the boss by 16 weeks, is unlikely to develop to it’s full potential or to be the sort of canine companion most people would want. 

MODC Puppy Classes

We run a structured 4-week puppy program. Puppies are welcome to start at anytime and progression to the next class is at the discretion of the Instructor.

MODC encourages owners to bring their pups along as soon as they have had their second vaccination.  In puppy class your pup will develop its socialisation with other pups and with humans.  Handlers will get an introduction to the basics of obedience training.

Classes last approximately 45 minutes, leading to promotion after 4 weeks to Advanced Puppies where lessons include walking on a lead, “sit” and most important, coming when called.  Puppy classes are low key and a lot of fun, so don’t put it off. Puppy classes are available to puppies under 5 months old at time of enrolment.