Welcome to the new web site of the Mornington Obedience Dog Club.  On this site you will find information about joining our club, some tips for new puppy owners and some helpful hints for dog owners living on the Mornington Peninsula.

New members are welcome to join on any Saturday.  Bookings are not necessary! Puppy and beginner classes run from 1:00 pm  to 1:45 pm – we ask new and returning members to come to the registration desk no later than 12:45.

We offer a wide variety of activities including Puppy Classes, Obedience and Rally.  The training methods used at Mornington focus on positive reinforcement through the use of food or toys coupled with praise. The aim of our training is to have a well-socialized dog with that socialisation continuing for the life of the dog.

We are also a trialling club.  We host our own Obedience and Rally trials every year and many of our members compete successfully in a variety of dog sports including Obedience, Rally, Tracking and Dancing with Dogs.





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